Winship Cancer Institute, Atlanta, Georgia 


Emory University Healthcare purchased this 27x91” original photomosaic "View from South End of York Island" for placement in the lobby of their newly re-designed Emory Winship Cancer Institute, a $60 million, 260,000 square foot diagnostic, treatment and research facility in Atlanta, Georgia. The sale was brokered by May Architecture + Interiors.

Loveland, Colorado

guglielmo_chilson_children navigating the waters of life.jpg
guglielmo_chilson_people at play.jpg

The City of Loveland, Colorado, commissioned these two custom 4x8-foot photomosaic murals -- "Children Navigating the Waters of Life" (top) and "People at Play" (bottom) -- for permanent installation in the Chilson Recreation Center lobby, which includes a pre-school and adjoining senior center. Attracting 1,400 people a day, I proposed a colorful portrait of townspeople engaged in rec center activities while referencing the three stages of life: childhood, middle age, and old age. Awarded the project out of 231 applicants, I shot 5,000 photos on location in January 2018. The finished pieces were installed in May 2018. The video below shows the making of the "Children" mural by hand from start to finish using 1,500 photographs, tape, and scissors. For more on this project click here.

The flurry of visual stimuli brings a special movement to Guglielmo’s work.
— Celina Colby, Bay State Banner